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A new era has begun for Crescent Magazine and
we are optimistic but realistic about our future.


Good news for those who missed the Crescent last fall it’s back. It is going to look different from the magazine our campus community has been used to for about 10 years. We are in an adjustment period this month and we expect some difficulty as we try to get up and running. But we are working hard to maintain and even improve the magazine’s reputation.

This is our first issue since April 2018. On the plus side, that means more Campus Crime. (We hope you want to read the whole magazine but we know that section is one of the most popular.) It also means we’ve had an entire semester off, so returning staff needed a refresher and newer staff have had to learn the details of their positions.

This semester, the Crescent is changing. The general structure will stay the same but we are adapting the content so it continues to reflect student interests. We have cut, added and

tweaked segments where we saw room for growth. Some of our updates were also necessary to reflect changes in our staff. We have six designers this semester but fewer writers.

This was an obstacle at first. In the past we were known for our wide selection of written articles from columns to feature stories to personality profiles. We were worried we wouldn’t have enough content for a magazine. Then we saw an opportunity for our designers to showcase their creativity and restructure several pages. Our magazine has more visuals now to make up for the lighter amount of text.

(Check out the coloring page on Page 19 and our redesigned “The Lists” and “Off the Wall” sections on Pages 20–23.) There is also room for staff members to learn multiple disciplines.

Editors and designers did some writing for this issue, and we hope all of our staff members will feel comfortable exploring any area they want. Change happens regularly in media. Publications must

stay current or no one wants to read them — this is why the Crescent started running as a magazine instead of a newspaper in 2009. Our adjustments this year are not that dramatic, but we are still trying to keep our readers in mind. Some of the sections we cut from the Crescent were replaced because our members of staff didn’t like writing them, so how could we expect our fellow students to like reading them?

We have also changed our organization’s name to Student Media. While we love our print magazine, we plan to expand in the future and felt the name Student Publications was not broad enough. Our staff is limited this semester but in the next few years, we hope to have a bigger campus presence. We are interested in exploring areas such as social media, marketing, advertising and video production — just to name a few.

We will make these changes with the guidance of our new adviser, Tim Young. Tim came on board Aug. 1 and has been talking with our directors ever since to coordinate the future of Student Media. He was in the journalism industry for 14 years and most recently served as the marketing and public relations lead for the Evansville Thunderbolts.

Our work is primarily student-led, but Tim provides plenty of guidance and mentoring. And he was instrumental in reopening the Crescent. We are excited to work with Tim to further improve our magazine and expand Student Media.

Above all, the Crescent is an important part of our staff members’ UE education. We are students getting both class credit and valuable work experience. We are able to apply what we have learned to create a product and we’re proud of it. Is there anything you want to see in our magazine? Feel free to message our Facebook page or email Tim or any member of our staff!

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