Lexi Williams
Alumni Spotlight

2016 University of Evansville graduate Caitlyn McCarthy has always had a love of theatre.

Growing up in LA, this passion developed at an early age. McCarthy recalls a VHS tape of Mary Martin in Peter Pan; she was enamored by the ability to create such beautiful things and build a career from it. She started acting in middle school. When it came time to choose a colligate path, she decided on one that allowed her to explore all aspects of the arts. Collaboration of art forms is what excited her. She entered UET as a “generalist.” McCarthy, originally from LA, admits the move to Evansville was quite the jump. But having family throughout the Midwest gave her comfort in knowing she could rely on them at any time. Experiencing places outside of California allowed her to “enjoy seasons,” she joked. This weather well prepared her for her eventual move to her current home, Chicago. 
Following graduation, McCarthy went right into the workforce at the Actors Theatre of Louisville. She was the one who kept the set looking nice throughout runs and held the show running within the realm of the stage. She wasn’t sure what her options were right out of school and allotted this time to be the period of her life where she figured out what she wanted to do and where. “Giving yourself that time, if you need it, is crucial.” She says that time without it, she most likely would not have ended up in Chicago today. In Chicago, Caitlyn has the opportunity to be a multidisciplinary artist. “It’s a city where you don’t get discounted for having several interests and skills. A city where you are valued for your diversity.” McCarty stresses that “we aren’t meant to be just one thing and the beauty of Chicago is that it encourages that growth.”
Other than going to Chicago to support the shows she’s involved in, you can support her work by checking out “Means of Productions”: a video production company that provides resources to people who wouldn’t necessarily have access to a good camera, etc. 
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