2022 Student Leadership Awards

Rylie Stephens

This year I got to attend and be a part of the 29th Annual Leadership Awards Ceremony as a photographer and award winner. The Ceremony was filled with a plethora of students from different areas around the UE community that were selected and gave awards based off their individual presence that they have made on campus. The program was filled with exceptional speakers from UE employees that help lead the students in their activities. The speakers got deep into detail about each award winner and made you feel so proud of each student for their individual work as they were awarded and recognized on stage.

Student Media Leadership Award Winners

Rachel Fisher

THE GLUE – This recognition is awarded to a student for going above and beyond, ensuring that the efforts of the entire Student Media team come together as a cohesive work of the utmost quality in the publication of the Crescent Magazine.  

This years THE GLUE Award goes to Student Media’s Creative Director Rachel Fisher.

Rachel joined Student Media this semester as our only full-time designer. Before any article was published on our website or in our publication of the Crescent Magazine, it first went to Rachel. Rachel would then create engaging layouts and design elements relative to the subject matter of each article while also ensuring a since of unity for our publication. Rachel is

THE GLUE that delivered the final product of everything that was published this semester.

Paris Himes & Maddy Webb

THE HUSTLER – This recognition is awarded to a student that is willing to go anywhere, cover anything, and put the hard work in to every task they are assigned. This student displays an eagerness to learn and push themselves to produce high quality content for Student Media.

This years THE HUSTLER Award goes to two recipients, Student Media Writers Paris Himes and Maddy Webb.

Paris and Maddy joined Student Media this semester as writer/reporters and all-around content creators. Both Paris and Maddy were keen on tackling just about any topic. They delivered high quality thoughtful content about current events, personal experiences, and campus life. Paris and Maddy are THE HUSTLERS of Student Media ensuring we had a variety of topics and content to include on our website and in the Crescent Magazine.

Rylie Stephens

THE ROCK – This recognition is awarded to a student of exemplary character and an unreproachable work ethic. This student is always willing to go to work, ensuring that Student Media covers a vast array of topics. This student displays an eagerness to learn and expand their repertoire of skills and talents.

This years THE ROCK Award goes to Student Media’s Photographer, Videographer, and Writer Rylie Stephens.

Rylie joined Student Media this semester as an all-around content creator. Rylie is a work horse. She is always ready and willing to dedicate her time to ensuring Student Media is producing high quality content. Whether it is video, photography, interviews, or reporting Rylie gave her all to every task. Every team needs to have someone they can count on, Rylie is THE ROCK of Student Media.