On Saturday, October 15, students and families gathered in Eykamp to watch a production that’s been a beloved Phi Mu Fraternity tradition for decades: Rock For Riley. The event itself is a lip-sync and dance competition where teams from different organizations on campus compete to see who’s got the best moves. 

This year, five teams from Greek organizations on campus took the stage to the tune of the theme for the year, Y2K, to see who could rock out the hardest to this generation’s childhood classics. The wonderful MCs, Jerryn Swingle and Mary Butler, kept the audience entertained with references to iconic music and their own creative dance moves, even through some technical difficulties. Through the night, teams danced their hearts out to some of the best 2000s hits. Each team had practiced in the weeks building up to the event, but ultimately, only one could take home first place. At the end of the night, ZTAs team, Rockin’ Zeta, took home the win from the judges with a mashup of 2000s hits.

However, The Lamdettes, from Lambda Chi, and their dance to Milkshake was a close crowd favorite.

It wasn’t just a love for music that brought this event together. Donations were collected all through the night from Phi Mu’s bake sale, a silent auction, and donations from the crowd towards who they wanted the crowd favorite to be. Each donation went towards Riley Children’s Hospital, Phi Mu’s philanthropy. Overall, the event raised almost $2,000 by the end of the night, with donations still coming in. It’s the most money this event has raised since the beginning of Covid, and the members of Phi Mu could not have been happier to see it go to such a great cause.

At the end of the night, it’s fun for everyone involved. The members of Phi Mu get to put on an amazing show for an amazing cause, in addition to getting to see some amazing dance moves, and the crowd gets a good show and some great music. What are some of your favorite 2000s songs?

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