What's a Summer Without Beyoncé?


It has been six years since Beyoncé’s groundbreaking Lemonade told her story of heartbreak, blackness, and feminism, and three years after her work with the live-action Lion King.  Void of her creativity since that time, the music industry no doubt missed Beyoncé, and with the energy immersed in the messages of her new album, RENAISSANCE, she’s missed her fans too.

The intrigue began June 30th of this year with an Instagram photo announcing that act one of a three-act album, RENAISSANCE, would be released on July 29th.  This news broke the internet, reaching over four million likes.  The first track of RENAISSANCE, titled “I’M THAT GIRL,” is empowering and shows off Beyoncé’s range, reminding listeners why the world is in love with her.

“AILEN SUPERSTAR,” the third track on the album, is a fun, light-hearted song, and the chorus gives listeners a euphoric feeling.  She gives us more house party dance tunes as the album progresses track by track.  “CUFF IT” is a simple, fun song, and the lyrics “Cause we gon’ f*** up the night” make listeners feel carefree and light.  The retro beat is catchy and is a throwback to the disco era of the 70s. 

An experimental album with unique beats, the house party tunes of RENAISSANCE are flawless.  RENAISSANCEis the perfect club album with songs anyone can find meaningful.  While there may be listeners who are not as enthusiastic about RENAISSANCE, this reviewer believes Beyonce has not missed a beat and deserves her flowers again.  Recommended tracks: “ALIEN SUPERSTAR,” “VIRGO’S GROOVE,” “PLASTIC OFF THE SOFA,” and “AMERICA HAS A PROBLEM.

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