When it comes to traveling, especially from the manor to the station you’ll need to take a taxi. Luckily there is a taxi company that has a deal with the manor! Street Cars has a flat rate of 10 pounds before 11:00 pm! This is really nice and really cheap. However, there are some drawbacks. Streetcars are very popular and are usually booked up because of this flat fee. So if you want Street Cars make sure you book early!

            Another suggestion is Grantham Taxis. They do tend to be a bit more expensive because each driver has their own flat rate. However, if you get to know them it doesn’t matter if they’re busy, they’ll be there for you! Somehow I am now known by name from Grantham Taxis all because we travel a lot to the station!



            Trains. They’re going to be your main transportation trying to get anywhere really. To another city or to the airport. Trainline is a pretty good service to use. I would always suggest though looking at the actual train companies to see if their tickets are cheaper. Railcards are HIGHLY recommended. You can purchase a railcard for a year for only 30 pounds. These railcards bring discounts on train tickets. They also stack. So if your purchase tickets for yourself and two other friends and they have a railcard, then the price will go down. Make sure you keep an eye out for strikes and delays. This can happen frequently and it is important to make sure you’re paying attention.

            The culture on trains is very simple. Most of the time it’s very quiet and everyone is minding their own business, Some trains have reserved seats. Make sure you sit in your reserved seat. If you don’t have one try to sit in one that’s available. Some people are very strict about their seats. Sometimes there can be overbooking. This can seem stressful at first because there are no seats and everyone is standing and annoyed. Just stay calm and follow instructions. You’ll be okay!



            Money is something that you’ll probably think about a lot. I suggest pulling out some money in cash to exchange for the currency you need, like pounds or euros. Some places, like small businesses, won’t take cards. Or sometimes taxi card readers break. Sometimes physical money is just easier.

            Keep an eye on what cards can be taken and what can not. Visa’s and Mastercards will work just make sure your bank knows you’re out of the country! When it comes to credit cards American Express does work most of the time. If you have a Discover just know that it will not work overseas. It is not a recognized credit card and I learned that the hard way.


The Manor

            When you’re in the manor there are some things that you’ll probably want. Snacks and drinks like tea or instant coffee are really nice! Sometimes you can’t go to the Bistro or the Refectory because they’re closed.

            EXPLORE EXPLORE EXPLORE. Explore as much as you can! The manor is huge! There are a lot of places to look around and see.


Traveling in General

            When it comes to traveling prepare at least a week in advance or maybe more. Really pay attention to not just flights and where you’re staying but to how you’ll get to these places, like the train station, etc. This can wrack up in price. You can definitely travel cheaply! Just make sure you’re looking at the right things. The more in a group the cheaper it is but of course make sure you’re traveling with people you want to travel with.



            Flights are going to be the hardest to not spend a lot with. I use an app called Skyscanner which lets me see what flights are flying at certain times. But make sure you book from the airline itself! It will be a lot cheaper. I look at Easyjet and Ryanair. Those are definitely the cheaper airlines to fly from.

            BUT. Look up reviews and really read the fine print. Especially for Ryanair. Ryanair is cheap which is nice. However, there are fees. Make sure you check in early or there is a 50 pound fine. Also, make sure you understand bag requirements. It may be cheap but it is cheap because you cannot have a carry-on. Only personal. So in order to have a carry-on you’ll have to pay a bit extra. If you are an experienced flyer then you’ll be okay. If you don’t fly often, take a breath, and you’ll be okay! Just make sure you really do your research.


In Conclusion

            Have fun! This is a time when you experiment and explore! You’ll learn so much here and not just in the manor! This will be a time of growth so accept it with open arms if you’ll be going to Harlaxton in the future!