You will never know

You will never know Jackson Caudill For any athlete, getting to perform your sport for a college team is a great honor. After over a decade of practice, you finally

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The Midwest Drifters

The Midwest Drifters Hannah Addison To be a source of inspiration among peers is laudable enough. To do so with style? Now that requires an artistry which must be

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YWCA is on a Mission

YWCA is on a Mission MYIA DANEK The YWCA strives to eliminate racism, empower women, and promote peace, justice freedom and dignity for all. Established in 1911, this national organization

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Drag Us down

Drag Us down Chasity Carner      Imagine living a life where every last aspect of your daily routine is monitored, tyrannized, ridiculed and judged. Society walking past you in despair

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A Freshman Again

A Freshman Again Acclimation to Life at the University of Evansville Callie E. Meinel As Sydney Kalonihea reluctantly climbed into the passenger seat of her beloved Toyota beside her father,

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Echoes of Solitude

Echoes of Solitude Hayden Chrapek Dark greens and browns surround me while the silence suffocates me as if a singular noise would break me. Wind rocks the brown beneath me.

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Membership On The Downfall

The Resident Student Association is a crucial part of the University of Evansville’s campus. However, the organization has been struggling since the beginning of the year, and has only since

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The Harlaxton Haze

This section of the magazine is created by students currently studying abroad in Harlaxton.

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Homesickness A Personal Narrative By: Maddy Webb I am not someone who is well versed in the art of travel. The farthest I’ve gone is down south to Florida. I

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To Thank a Gravestone

To Thank a Gravestone Liam Allen My companions and I rose early in the morning to get a taxi to the Grantham train station. Our tickets would take us down

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