A Personal Narrative

By: Maddy Webb

I am not someone who is well versed in the art of travel. The farthest I’ve gone is down south to Florida. I have never even traveled out west. Signing up to go to Harlaxton was both exciting and absolutely terrifying. How was I, a girl from Ohio who has never even gone past Illinois, supposed to go overseas and live in a mansion in the UK? I had no idea, but I was determined. It’s been my dream to do something like this. I am not immune though. I’ve learned a lot about myself this semester over here in Harlaxton. Things that have enlightened and changed me. For better or for worse I don’t exactly know yet.

One of the major things I have learned is I love seeing new things but hate traveling. I cannot stand waiting in the airport or taking public transportation and ultimately getting lost because you got on the wrong bus. It also frustrates me that most of my time traveling is traveling and not seeing. This stems from my naivety to travelling in the first place but until I calm down I’ll complain.

The problem when it comes to traveling is that I am someone who deals with homesickness. I never thought I would be, considering all I’ve wanted to do is get away from Ohio, but I do miss it. I loved seeing new things and meeting new people, don’t get me wrong. I do though miss my family.

I’ve found ways though to deal with this. I remind myself that I can’t go home without a story. Or a few stories. I have to have something to prove that I’ve done this. That I’ve taken the leap. So, I have some stories.

Like when everything kept going wrong on a trip going to Dublin, Ireland. We did make it there and it was amazing! Or like wandering the streets of Rome with our suitcases because we couldn’t get in our Airbnb early. Or almost waltzing right into a riot actively going on in Athens because we weren’t paying attention and all we wanted to see was the Parthenon.

I also have stories that are not so frustrating. I got to see all of  Athens when we finally did see the Parthenon. That was a feeling I don’t know if I’ll get to feel it again, but it was wonderful.

These stories when I head home along with the souvenirs remind me that I did get to do this. That I did get to see so much and experience so much. So, it’s okay to fall into homesickness sometimes. I still traveled out of that little Ohio bubble of mine!

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