JAGUAR II by Victoria Monét

JAGUAR II by Victoria Monét Written by: Paris Himes            Victoria Monét is, without a doubt, an underrated artist. Monét has been in the music industry

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The Layers of the Rainbow: 

Unpacking the nuances of allyship and how it exists within the LGBTQ+ community. Be a good ally.             It’s a simple sentence—a mantra we hear often in reference to the

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Something about us

By: Catherine My name is Catherine. I got to pick that name myself, five years ago. I think I’ve only ever been able to tell three people in person that

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Kicking For A Cause

By: Paige Radel Your University of Evansville women’s soccer team made history Sunday August 27th at Arad McCutchan Stadium. Just three days into the school year and Ace country has

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