Society’s approach to productivity has shifted drastically over time, particularly regarding the human need to fill each day and constantly be on the move. Following the Covid 19 pandemic, technological advancements, the rise of remote and hybrid work models, and flexible scheduling have combined to redefine how we manage our professional and personal lives. Today, many individuals find themselves able to integrate their personal passion projects between the gaps of their traditional 9-5.


Enter a new era of hustlers. Tenacious and determined individuals who thrive off full schedules and empty tanks. This may be one side of an extreme, but it can be challenging to nurture your passion projects while maintaining your everyday responsibilities.


Among these modern hustlers is Donovan Schultz, a senior at the University of Evansville (UE). Currently pursuing a degree in sports communication, Schultz also holds a pivotal role as a pitcher for the UE Baseball team. Balancing his academic commitments with his responsibilities on the field is a feat, but Schultz’s ambitions do not stop there. He pursues his passion for sports broadcasting outside his daily obligations, collaborating with ESPN to further his career aspirations. “It has been an amazing experience for me to be involved with baseball and ESPN during my time here,” said Schultz.


Schultz has occupied many roles for the ESPN broadcasts, including graphics, camera, replay, color commentating and play-by-play announcing. Each role encompasses a unique set of skills with their own learning curves. When speaking on his experiences, Schultz said, “I have gained such valuable life experience in the process. UE really is home for me.”


Passion has a ripple effect on the quality of work you can produce and your overall well-being. It fuels your motivation, prepares you to face and overcome challenges, and increases your resilience in pursuit of your goals. Inevitable setbacks become steppingstones of success, each teaching you a valuable lesson that can ultimately propel you forward. “Ideally, I would like to work more broadcasts but it’s hard to make it work with class and my baseball schedule as well,” said Schultz. “I love everything I’m involved in, but there are certainly times when I wish I had more hours in the day.”



This setback acted as a learning moment, and instead of discouraging his goals, it simply revealed a valuable lesson that he hopes to share with other young entrepreneurs. “The most important thing is to do what you love and keep perspective on everything,” said Schultz. “Don’t try to take on too much to the point where you can’t handle it but be as involved as you can be in the process.”


At the heart of successfully nurturing passion projects alongside a traditional job lies the art of time management. One of the most critical skills any aspiring hustler can possess is the ability to efficiently devote their time. Schultz, with his rigorous academic schedule and baseball commitments, exemplifies this skill. Here are some key strategies to master time management:


  1. Prioritization: Identifying your most important tasks both in your day job and your passion project. Prioritize them to ensure you tackle the most critical work first.


  1. Setting Boundaries: Establish clear boundaries between your personal time and your work time. This helps prevent burnout and ensures enough time is dedicated to your passion projects without compromising your job performance.


  1. Effective Scheduling: Use tools such as calendars and to-do lists to create schedules. Stick to these schedules as closely as possible.


  1. Break Tasks Down: Divide your larger goals into smaller, manageable tasks. This makes them less overwhelming and allows for incremental progress. Management principles stress the importance of “small wins” which gives you confidence to continue working.


Transitioning from personal hobbies to monetizable ventures can be a demanding journey, yet it can also be profoundly rewarding to genuinely love the work you do. Schultz’s story is emblematic of a broader trend among students and professionals alike. People are increasingly investing in their passions, recognizing that the choices they make today can have a lasting impact on their future.



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