Located on 21 N First Ave in the city of Evansville, Willard Library is considered one of the most haunted buildings in Indiana, and the most haunted library in the United States. One figure keeps standing out in tales of its haunting, that of the Grey Lady. Described as a figure adorned in a grey dress, the Grey Lady is often found near the children’s section of the library and has enough sightings to develop defining attributes. Many sightings of the Grey Lady include details like a thick scent of perfume, objects like books and chairs moving, lights flickering, and the faucets turning on at random.

The Gray Lady is often connected with the construction of the Library by Willard Carpender in 1885. Willard donated much of his wealth to the library’s construction and maintenance, and he desired the library to be open to all residents regardless of background. Though he was admired by much of the community, Willard had a strainedrelationship with his family, even going so far as to cut his children out of his will. When he died of a stroke just before the construction of Willard Library finished, he left all of his wealth to his Library and other charities.

Willard’s decision to cut his children out of his will is often cited as the inciting incident in the creation of the Gray Lady, who many believe to be none other than Willard’s daughter Louise Carpender. The story goes that Louise never forgave her father for denying her the inheritance, and held a grudge against the library, which she haunts to thisday. Sightings of the Gray Lady have become so prevalent that the library has placed a 24/7 surveillance system through which anyone can view the most active areas in the library and try to search for her.

Access to these live streams can be found at Willardghosts.com.

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