Lizzie Tredinnick, from the graduating class of 2018, learned how to adapt to shifting environments early on in her life. Born in Minneapolis, she spent her early years growing up in Madison, Wisconsin, before her parents eventually moved them to the Chicago area. Even with all this change, one thing that never changed was her interest in crafting. She spent many weekends crafting with her sister and mother, an architectural lighting designer, which led her to take interest in theater in high school later. “I knew I never ever wanted to be an actor, there’s no way that was ever going to let that happen.” She states humorously. Because Lizzie wasn’t fond of being on stage since there were going to be too many people looking at her, she instead involved herself in the process of creating a show and working with others behind the scenes.

            While participating in high school theater and painting large-scale items, she realized that this thing she did initially for enjoyment could be built into a long-lasting career. After she finished highschool, she brought this realization with her as she joined UE’s theater department, majoring in Theater Design. During her sophomore year, Tredinnick interned at Hope Summer Repertory Theatre in Holland, Michigan, as well as interning at the Williamstown Theatre Festival in Williamstown, Massachusetts. 

            After graduating, her transition from college into the professional world was manageable thanks to her constant networking throughout her time at UE. Her boss from Williamstown was working as a project manager for a scene shop in New York City, where he hired her to work alongside them. Lizzie states that she also had UE contacts in New York City as well that she was able to work with. This allowed her to get on her feet and continue to build her career.

            One of her first jobs post-grad was working on the production Hello, Dolly! Working as a scenic designer, she was there to help refurbish props as needed and change the sets while working with designers to make sure their visions were still being carried over. While expressing her admiration for working with a fantastic designer while working on the production, she gives recognition to UE for strengthening her carpentry and sewing skills.

            When advising students looking to make the most out of their college experience, and for students who are interested in working in her career field, Lizzie states, “Keep trying. It’s definitely a lot about who you know, which kind of sucks. And it’s kind of nice. You just got to keep knocking on doors and keep getting your foot in the door.”


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