“It’s a reminder to myself and to anyone who is kind enough to listed that despite all the pain and through all the muck of life there are things worth cherishing and being around for.” 

Nick Booth 


Cardinal, Bouquet’s first EP, was released on September 17th, 2021. Three songs from the EP were released as singles before the whole work dropped.  

In an interview with Nick Booth, vocalist of Bouquet, I learned more about what the EP really means. “This EP covers an array of topics, but at the heart of it I just wanted to showcase experience,” Booth shared. “I think each song has a certain relatability for people.”     

This album means a lot to Booth and the rest of the band. They wanted to create community and shared emotion through the thick and thin of life. Booth wanted to highlight some of the hard times people experience and the rough feelings we have to navigate during those times.  

Booth brought up different struggles people face, such as loss, mental health, relationship issues, and losing faith. “I don’t think my experiences are particularly unique but it can all feel so isolating and those feelings are something worth connecting over and sharing,” he says, explaining some of the motivation and themes behind making and sharing this EP.  

The namesake of this album comes from Booth’s late grandfather who passed away during the pandemic. After he passed, his family would see cardinals sitting on trees in their backyard, and his mother would cry. “She took those cardinals as a symbol of her dad stopping by to visit and check in on us.” 


Track List:


Tire Swing (featuring Kayak Jones) 






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