I Always Wanted To Be A Storyteller

And Weave Fleeting Fancies Of Fantasy Together

From Grandiose Gestures To Subtle Subtitles And Convenient Conjecture

A Moment A Pause A Break

A Tale With No Expectations Just An Escape

But Life Had Other Intentions

Far Too Many To Mention

And Now That I Stare At The Ceiling Trying Not To Blink

My Mind Unravels All The Things I Thought I Might Think

I Can No Longer Abide The Notion Of Subdued Neutralization

In Lieu Of Waking Moments That Elude Realization

The Complex Quandary Of Communication

To Be Understood And Fully Understand Absent Exacerbation

I Cannot Simply Converse To Convey The Connections

Of Willful Blindness To Disparity And Oppression

Racism And Bigotry In Times Of Election

Accountability And Culpability Subjected To Deferred Deflection And Dereliction

But I Can Try

While Hordes Of Hate And Villainy Disguise Themselves In Pity

To The Good People Silence Is The Harbinger Of Their Victory

So, I Shall Be Loud And Unencumbered

Even When The Voices Of Reason Are Outnumbered

The Strafe Of Ignorance Stains Our Mediocrity

The Only Solution Is Joining The Rhetoric In Synchronicity

Blow For Blow

Hit For Hit

I Cannot Just Stand By

I Have To Try

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