Bio: Alex Halbrook Alex was born in Evansville, Indiana. They grew up all over the country due to moving quite a bit. They studied at the University of Evansville for their Bachelor of Science Degree, majoring in Visual Communication Design. Alex worked as a part time intern for a publishing company called Jeslee Publishing from 2020 to 2021, where they worked on designs for ads, cards, and calendars. During their time at UE, they also interned with Tommy Art & Design in the fall semester as a Graphic Designer.

Artist Statement: I first started art just like anyone else would as a kid, but only got serious about it in middle school. From there, my passion for art only continued to explode, with me filling a continuous number of sketchbooks and using copious amounts of art supplies. This soon evolved into a love for digital art, which I soon began to teach myself. The more I took the practice seriously, the further I went, getting myself equipment to better create art in my new preferred medium; digital artwork.

When it comes to my artwork, I find inspiration in work posted by other artists on social media, as well as animated cartoons. The joy and comfort that such pieces give me is one that I inspire to convey in others and is why I create. My work stands out from theirs in my own way though. While the artists and cartoons I enjoy vary from extremely cartoony and simple, to highly detailed, my work is not that. My work is a varying style based on detailed simplicity; more details than the average cartoon but less than the average artist I follow. It is meant to change and be different with each piece, yet still recognizable as my own. That way it can make the audience feel comforted and happy in the same way I was with the inspirations that keep me going.