How Video Games Effect Teenage Growth

You are a hardcore gamer, and you decide to marathon your favorite video game. Your gaming goes from one night to two nights, then that turns into several more. After […]


VIEW FULL ISSUE A Problem Under the Foundation: The Evansville Housing System is Decaying A Problem Under the Foundation: The Evansville Housing System is Decaying Nora Ruotolo “There’s no place […]

Sport of Balance

Reilly Paterson University of Evansville Athletes balancing mental health and athletics “Every time a new opportunity arises my first thought is, ‘wow, why me?’” said by No.1 ranked tennis player, […]

Eerie and Bazaar Myths

Jordan McQuiston Eerie and Bazaar Myths Qalupalik. Timingila. Bari-Degi. No, I did not just hit random keys on my keyboard. These are myths and mythical creatures from Alaska, India, and […]

UE Clay Club Chili Bowl Sale

Professor Matteson, Chair of the Department of Art and Advisor to Clay Club said: “A lot of hours went into creating these unique ceramic bowls. The artists dedicated a lot of energy and hard work. I am blessed to have such a wonderful group to work with on such a great cause.”


VIEW FULL ISSUE UE Without Borders: International Students in the Pandemic Article>International Students When UE resumed in-person classes this fall, most students’ return depended solely on a reopened campus. But […]

COVID-19’s Impact on UE Sports

Article>UE Sports The athletic season at UE and other universities across the nation was cancelled when COVID-19 began its spread across the U.S. last spring, and at many universities, the […]

The Show Must Go On

Article>UE Theater The history of theatre spans thousands of years, and while its demise has often been predicted, it lives on today. The pandemic launched the longest shutdown in the […]