MARCH 2024

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Don’t Talk About It

  “don’t ask me how i’m doing, i’m gonna lie to youi feel the need to please my people, it’s just what i do” you hear the first verse for […]

A Love Letter to Public Transportation

 Of all the places I’ve been in Europe, a public bus is the least glamourous. Yet, I might dare to say that it’s one of my favorite places that I’ve […]

When Good People Do Nothing

I Always Wanted To Be A Storyteller And Weave Fleeting Fancies Of Fantasy Together From Grandiose Gestures To Subtle Subtitles And Convenient Conjecture A Moment A Pause A Break A […]

What It Means to Be Intersex

What Does “Intersex” Mean?  According to InterACT, which is an organization that advocates for intersex youth, the term “intersex” is an umbrella term that refers to people born with one […]

UE Basketball

9-23. 9-16. 6-24. 5-27. Those are the records of the UE Men’s Basketball team from the last four years; clearly, these numbers leave something to be desired. Entering this season, […]

Evansville Promise Neighborhood

For the past year, there has been talk of the “Evansville Promise Neighborhood” on campus.  As the University of Evansville promotes this initiative, natural questions may be raised about what […]

Lloyd Construction

In an attempt to increase the safety and efficiency of the Lloyd Expressway, the Indiana Department of Transportation has invested $150 million dollars in a four-year construction plan to change […]

Pink Floyd

The first time I heard the name Pink Floyd was back in 6th Grade. At the time, I didn’t have much interest in music, and my involvement with it was […]