Surviving Inflation

The main thing on everybody’s mind right now is how they are going to afford the basic necessities they need to live. College students, who typically struggle with money due […]

Pumping the Brakes on Fast Fashion

With rapidly changing styles and constant new trends, fast fashion has allowed consumers to constantly receive the instant gratification of a variety of styles for low prices. When new trends […]

A Guide to 2023 SAG-AFTRA Strike

What is SAG-AFTRA? SAG-AFTRA is the conglomeration of two American labor unions, the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. Together, they form a unified […]

Influencing Fast Fashion

In the constantly changing world of social media, where individuals can fall from stardom as quickly as they rose, social media influencers will do anything to get to the top, […]

Concerns for Children’s Literacy

  The concern over the growing illiteracy of children is not new; it is something that has plagued the minds of parents and teachers alike for years. It has become […]

How Did UE Get So Lucky?

Whether it’s in the classroom, on campus, or out in the community, Professor Rodríguez Quevedo’s radiant personality leaves people feeling inspired, welcomed, and seen. These qualities made me question: How […]

Adam Sandler: The Man, the Myth… the Holiday?

Every semester, the UE creative writing department celebrates one of our favorite holidays: Adam Sandler Day! For those of you not in the department however, you might not be familiar […]


“It’s a reminder to myself and to anyone who is kind enough to listed that despite all the pain and through all the muck of life there are things worth […]

Behind the pens of the Crescent

Being a voice for others is a difficult role that journalism takes on, and at the Crescent, it’s no different. We work hard to bring the student’s voices first and […]