The life and times of a Dell XPS 15

              Before I was starting college, it wasn’t the dorm I would be staying in or the classes I would be taking that excited me most: it was getting […]

How long will we let this continue? 

As the global temperature begins to climb, the trend of extinction will too. A little over a third of all aquatic (marine and freshwater) life is being threatened with extinction […]

The American Climate Corps

On September 20th, 2023, Joe Biden releases the American Climate Corps plan that promising to create a cleaner energy workforce. Biden has promised climate action sense he took office, and […]

ObtainingOpportunities through the US

Days passed after the interview and Mohamad El Osman or “Moe” as he likes to be called waited in anticipation for a phone call. Moe said, “We made a group […]

Book Talk: A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder

Book Talk: A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder How the Protagonist Loses Herself to Obsession CONTENT WARNING: discussions/mentions of death, assault, trauma, pet death, and substance abuse. Minor spoilers for […]

Asexuality and What It Means to Be Ace

An Overview of Asexuality Here at the University of Evansville, we call ourselves the Purple Aces. It’s an identity that we will carry with useven after we have graduated. For […]

UE students for HEERF Grant

On March 27th, 2020 the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act was passed by Congress. Allowing students at the University of Evansville to receive a Higher Education Emergency Relief […]