The name of this organization shall be Crescent Magazine, also known as the Crescent. 

ARTICLE II – Purpose 

Section 1. Crescent Magazine is a monthly student magazine published six times during the academic year by and for the students of the University of Evansville. Since it receives funding through a subscription fee paid by the Student Government Association on behalf of students, it is distributed to the campus community free of charge. The magazine serves as an open forum for University of Evansville students, faculty, staff, administrators and alumni through its editorials, columns and letters to the editor. With a focus on student life, the magazine provides coverage of campus news, features and sports, and select local and general-interest items of interest to the audience. The Crescent’s aim is to present relevant content in a fair, accurate and unbiased manner, to keep news items free of editorial comment, and to use editorial comment as a tool for informing and persuading through the use of factual information and opinion. 

ARTICLE III – Membership 

Section 1. Membership is limited to University of Evansville full-time and part-time students. Academic prerequisites and/or prior experience are required for appointment to most positions. Guest membership may be extended to select alumni, faculty, staff and administrators as needed. 

Section 2. All requirements must meet Student Handbook policies. 

Section 3. Eligibility requirements of staff members 

All potential and returning staff members must complete an application process, be interviewed, and meet academic prerequisite and/or prior experience requirements as indicated on the application and job description. 

Section 4. Expulsion of Members and Removal of a Director 

Since members receive academic credit, they cannot be fired from their positions. However, a director who is not following the duties outlined in his/her job description will receive written notification from the Director of Student Publications detailing the concerns. If compliance does not occur, the Director of Student Publications will notify the Media Board of the director’s noncompliance. Two-thirds majority vote of the Media Board gives the Director of Student Publications the authority to remove a director from his/her position. 

ARTICLE IV – Directors 

Section 1. Directors 

This organization shall have five directors who are responsible for the governing of the magazine. They are as follows: Writing Directors (2), Creative Director, Marketing & Sales Manager and Editing Director. 

Section 2. Qualifications of Directors 

Job descriptions are available on request and provide minimum qualifications for each position. 

Section 3. Appointment Length 

Director positions are for the academic year. 

Section 4. Duties of Directors 

Job descriptions are available on request and provide the duties for each director. (Crescent Magazine, September 2017) Page 2 

ARTICLE V – Appointment 

Section 1. Selection of directors is done by interview in the spring by the Director of Student Publications for the following academic year. Current directors and upper-level supervisors may also be involved in interviewing candidates and making appointment recommendations to the Director of Student Publications, who will make the appointments for the next academic year. 

ARTICLE VI – Office Hours & Meetings 

Section 1. Office Hours 

Directors and upper-level supervisors have required office hours. Hours vary depending upon position. Other staff members have required office hours, while some others have time commitment requirements outlined in their job descriptions. 

Section 2. Meetings 

Directors attend a weekly meeting and, with upper-level supervisors, attend a bi-monthly planning meeting. This group is referred to as the Editorial Board. When needed, directors and/or upper-level supervisors call special meetings for their respective staffs. 

ARTICLE VII – Advisor(s) 

Section 1. The advisor of this organization is the Director of Student Publications. 

ARTICLE VIII – Committees 

Not applicable 


Not applicable 

ARTICLE X – Handling of Funds 

Section 1. The magazine’s on-campus funding accounts are managed by the Director of Student Publications, who is authorized to sign documents and is responsible for funds. 

Section 2. All monies collected by the organization through advertising revenue are deposited into the organization’s on-campus account. 

ARTICLE XI – Amendments and Revisions 

Section 1. The Director of Student Publications will be responsible for submitting additions or changes to the chair of the Media Board.