Mother Earth Celebrating Our Home

cover > Mother Earth As humans, we are granted the privilege of living on Earth. In order for our planet to properly provide for us, our lifestyles must reflect behaviors […]

The Time Is Now

BY DALLAS|CARTER & OLIVIA|SHOUP 2016 Was The Earth’s Hottest Year Since Recordkeeping Began More Than 130 Years Ago. We take notice of catastrophes as they are reported on the news or […]

Calling For Climate Change Legislation

With references to climate change and global warming now removed from most government websites and Rex Tillerson, former ExxonMobil CEO, confirmed as secretary of state, our attention to environmental issues needs to be stronger than […]

Creating New Out of Old

Climate change and the green energy movement are important topics that go hand in hand. While some still believe that climate change does not exist, for them there is no urgent need for green energy. […]