Don’t Touch My title IX

MODERN PERSPECTIVES >  DON’T TOUCH MY TITLE IX lea|ARNOLD The government’s new stance on how Title IX should work with sexual assault cases is vague at best, harmful at its […]

ROM-COMS Need To Evolve With Us

Romantic comedies are like a drug, causing a series of feelings that begins with ambivalence and uncertainty and lead you to an ending that leaves the viewer floating in all […]

It’s Stuck In My Head Again

Rebecca Black’s song “Friday” is a song about a teen going through her average Friday. The song is grating. Black’s voice is blatantly auto-tuned, but the song was extremely popular […]

Following Fashion Trends

Fashion has been around a long time, ever since cavemen needed to cover their business. It is even possible Neanderthals styled their fur loincloths a certain way to make them look avant-garde. But in […]