Ink and Metal

COVER INK & METAL tattoos & piercings lydia | MAXWELL Body modification has been around long enough for stigmas to come and go. What remains is the meaning and story […]

Using Faith As A Foundation

FACINATING PEOPLE USING FAITH AS A FOUNDATION lydia|MAXWELL LYDIA MAXWELL It was almost time to stop for the day, but the trench wasn’t quite finished. Plus, no one thought the […]

Looking Into The Unknown

Unexplained physical wonders exist in the world that cannot be easily made clear, leaving people curious about how and why they occurred. People have hypothesized and theorized the cause of […]

Creating New Out of Old

Climate change and the green energy movement are important topics that go hand in hand. While some still believe that climate change does not exist, for them there is no urgent need for green energy. […]

Behind The Music

September 2017 | University of Evansville LYDIA MAXWELL A deeper look into how music connects us, makes us feel certain emotions and the impact it has on our surroundings. There […]