Tyler, The Creator Does It Again

Tyler, The Creator Does It Again Paris Himes > Album Review Starting off the album with the lyric, “The sun beaming,” Grammy award-winning artist Tyler, The Creator released his seventh […]

The Band Plays On

Feature > Friends of UE Music Three months after UE publicized its draft realignment plan, UE Music announced that it would be transforming into the UE Music Conservatory rather than […]

More Than Meets Th Eye

Rap is a well-known genre of music, but most listeners are unaware of its many subgenres that make it great. voices > rap, trap & boom bap kaleb | SLAGLE […]

Can’t Stop Hip-Hop

VOICES With rappers dominating the media, the charts and awards shows, hip-hop is on track to overthrow pop as the new most popular genre. rap, trap & boom bap kaleb […]

It’s Stuck In My Head Again

Rebecca Black’s song “Friday” is a song about a teen going through her average Friday. The song is grating. Black’s voice is blatantly auto-tuned, but the song was extremely popular […]

Behind The Music

September 2017 | University of Evansville LYDIA MAXWELL A deeper look into how music connects us, makes us feel certain emotions and the impact it has on our surroundings. There […]