Living Legacy As A True Individual

A Closer Look Living a Legacy a True Individual dallas | CARTER In 1970, Richard Nixon was president, the Beatles broke up, and Clark Kimberling, professor of mathematics, began teaching […]

Using Faith As A Foundation

FACINATING PEOPLE USING FAITH AS A FOUNDATION lydia|MAXWELL LYDIA MAXWELL It was almost time to stop for the day, but the trench wasn’t quite finished. Plus, no one thought the […]

Helping The World’s Children

FACINATING PEOPLE PAVING A GENEROUS PATH allie| SWEEZY ALLIE SWEEZY On a chilly October night a little over a year ago, about 60 students gathered on the grassy area outside […]

Paving A Generous Path

FACINATING PEOPLE PAVING A GENEROUS PATH lauren| RABOLD LAUREN RABOLD Helping others has been a part of junior Paige Hignite’s life for many years, and her service seems to stem […]

It’s Stuck In My Head Again

Rebecca Black’s song “Friday” is a song about a teen going through her average Friday. The song is grating. Black’s voice is blatantly auto-tuned, but the song was extremely popular […]