Bio: Jasmine was born in Louisville, Kentucky, and currently lives in Corydon, Indiana. She studied at the University of Evansville for her Bachelor of Science Degree. She majored in Visual Communication Design with a minor in Communications. Jasmine worked as the Creative Lead for the Crescent Magazine for the Spring Semester of 2023. She has been a part of Crescent Magazine since 2020.

Artist Statement:

The foundation of my work started in the arts with theatre, dance, drawing, painting, and crafting. For as long as I can remember, my mom always had arts and crafts on hand for her children. When it came time to apply to colleges, I knew I wanted to go into the arts. With the world we live in now, I knew digital was the smart move. Even with my limited knowledge, I was very curiosity to see what I could create with it. 

Working in Adobe Suites helps me to produce my creations and make them a reality. Being in the digital realm gives me the freedom to explore and the luxury of hitting a button to undo and try again. My curiosity about Adobe Suites pushes me to go beyond and see what else can be created. My process of designing is letting my curiosity get the best of me. First, I start by researching my topic or just finding inspiration. Then I began sketching my designs out before putting them in Adobe InDesign. Or sometimes just diving into InDesign and having boards to see what I produce. My designs mostly consist of circles and pops of color that are realistic. Choosing circles is fun because you can create polka dots and have fun colors that are monochromatic to create a fun pattern. While also keeping that fun pattern I want my designs to be mineable because less is more. I do not want my audience to feel overwhelmed looking at my designs. 

The digital photos I produce are from nature. I want my viewers to take a second and look closer at nature so they can see how beautiful it is. Seeing how the sun hits the ground and creates lights and shadows. I am drawn to nature because it is all around us. After taking the images, they are opened in Adobe Photoshop to do my edits. The edits that are common in my images are moody and timeless. I love the golden hour look when it comes to portraits. When it comes to my nature shoots, they are a little moodier and not as bright as my golden hour photos are.