All are welcome to enjoy the immersive art experience displayed at the Melvin Peterson Gallery from now until December 11, 2021. Featured artist Mark Pease creates work in a variety of different media. He explores visual ideas inspired by consumer nostalgia, simulacra, suburban landscapes, and modernist architecture. He works with printmaking, animation, 3D visualizations, painting, and photography to recreate moments of daydream, interactions with the artificial, and the recognition of our own visual sensitivities.
Many of his 3D and graphic design work is being exhibited at the gallery. “My projects are based on conceptual interests in artifice, non-places, sprawl, symbolism in architecture, consumer culture, and visual systems for depicting space. I work with a variety of media and materials to explore these ideas in works that are both abstract and figurative,” Pease states. “I like the disconnection between seeing and comprehending and the separation between real and artificial.”
Pease balances all of these conceptual elements by utilizing digital and traditional picture rendering techniques. “My nostalgia and emotional attachments to space have led me to pursue works with their particular spatial peculiarity,” he admits. By working in diverse visual media with ever-improving technology, the options for his art are limitless.
Pease has an MFA from the University of Pennsylvania and a BFA from Indiana University. He also studied as an exchange scholar at the Royal Academy of Art London. Mark has taught at the School of Design, University of Pennsylvania, the College of Visual Art and Design, University of North Texas, and Northwestern University in Saint Paul, Minnesota. He currently works at Southern Illinois University and teaches courses in computer graphics, digital animation, video art, and 3D modeling. He has shown in national and international exhibitions, including the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, the Elmhurst Art Museum, the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, the International Print Center New York, and the Soap Factory.