CRESCENT MAGAZINE is committed to helping you bring your products and services to University of Evansville students and the UE campus community in order to meet your advertising needs.

The following information should answer any questions you may have about advertising with Crescent Magazine.


PUBLICATION & CIRCULATION: Crescent Magazine is published 4 to 6 times during the academic year, beginning in September 2023 and ending with the April 2024 issue. Printed issues circulation is 1,200, with distribution to 18 campus locations. 1 -3 print issues will be produced each semester. The number of print issues may vary. Every production has a digital issue hosted on the Crescent website. The first print copy is free. Each additional copy is $2.50. All Issues of Crescent Magazine can be found online at



In addition to your print ad, included with your purchase is a smaller version of your ad that is posted on Crescent Magazine’s Facebook and Instagram page, and Twitter feed. Posts coincide with the month where you have placed advertising with the magazine. Your ad is cycled from the publication date until the next month’s cycle of ads begins. For an additional charge your ad can be designed for web placed on our website in prominent positions with your website link in an appropriate call to action. Please see rate chart for website.


Design of your ad is included with the price and since Student Publications, home to Crescent Magazine, is a training program, students want to design your ad.

This service includes your ad design and two electronic proofs. Each additional proof is $2. Please carefully review your ad copy and any instructions before submitting them to avoid any additional charges.

Ads created by the design staff are the property of Crescent Magazine and cannot be reproduced without permission. An ad may be used for your promotional purposes only after the ad runs in the magazine.

A credit to Crescent Magazine should be included on the promotional piece, which the designers would be happy to include on a separate PDF when you request an ad for promotional purposes.

Copy specifications should be submitted in writing and emailed to the Student Media Advisor Tommy J Housman at



Please email any correspondence, including copy specifications, photos, logos, other images or a PDF of your ad, by the materials deadline date to the Student Media Advisor Tommy J Housman at



Include all images at 300 DPI, the minimum resolution for images printing at 100%. Provide the largest and highest quality images whenever possible for the best reproduction.

Images downloaded from websites that are less than 300 DPI or saved as GIFs or PNGs are not suitable for print. JPG or TIF are the preferred formats. Crescent Magazine reserves the right to substitute images if the images submitted by the advertiser are not the correct resolution, color mode, or format.



Double IFC 1 Issue


Inside Front Cover Page


Back Cover


Inside Back Cover


Full Page


1/2 Page


1/4 Page




Double IFC

18 x 11


9 x 11

Full Page

8 x 10.8125

1/2 Page

8 x 4.8125

1/4 Page

2.25 x 2.75


Home Page: $150

Top of Issue Page: $125

Bottom of Issue Page: $100

Bottom of Featured Article Page: $100

Top & Bottom of Article Pages:

 $75 per article page



Crescent Magazine,

University of Evansville,

1800 Lincoln Ave., Evansville, Ind. 47722


Do not use RGB when creating any part of an ad. CMYK must be used for photos, logos and other elements if color is purchased.


All fonts must be Macintosh compatible. If the ad is created by the advertiser, all fonts must be embedded in the PDF. Crescent Magazine reserves the right to make substitutions if a font is not embedded or supplied.


Only the following software formats are accepted for pre-designed ads:

  • Acrobat (.pdf)
  • Photoshop (.tif)
  • Illustrator (.ai)
  • InDesign (indd).

A PDF is preferred since all components can be embedded into a single, complete file. Resolution must be 300 dpi. No printer’s marks should be placed on the PDF.

Microsoft Word documents are only accepted for copy. Do not include any tables or graphics when sending copy using MS Word.



  • Magazine Trim Size: 9” x 11”
  • Printing: Sheet-fed Lithography
  • Binding: Saddle Stitch
  • Live matter: All live matter should be at least an 1/4 inch away from the trim edge.
  • Bleeds are not accepted on any ads smaller than 1/2 page.



Other than covers, location of an ad within the magazine is not sold or guaranteed. Requested location placement will be accommodated whenever possible. Space is sold on a first-come, first-served basis Priority is given to advertisers on contract.

Orders must be received in writing prior to the closing date. Your insertion order will be sent to you electronically for your approval after the order is placed.

Once it is received, it is the responsibility of the advertiser to notify the account representative as to any errors in the order.

All rates are USD. Cash, check, are accepted. All rates are NET. Agency commission should be added to the rate. Advertisers with good payment histories will be billed monthly. Invoices will be sent via PDF in email from the Student Media Advisor.


Payment is due on receipt of invoice unless other payment arrangements have been made. Past due accounts will incur a monthly late fee charge of 1.5%.

Advertising is refused until balance is paid if payment is not made in accordance with these terms. If applicable, the discount will be rescinded if the contract is not fulfilled according to the terms of the original insertion order. Direct billing questions to the Student Media Advisor Tommy J Housman at


On-campus advertisers paying by Internal Charge Authorization (ICA) should credit account 10–26–472770–42000. Please send Crescent Magazine a copy of the ICA so your account can be properly credited to the Student Media Advisor Tommy J Housman at


  • Crescent Magazine (CM) will make every effort to see that ads are inserted as ordered. It will not be responsible for any damages from failure to run an ad or an insert.
  • CM does not publish ads that discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, religion, national origin or physical handicap or that reflect unfavorably on competing organizations, institutions or merchandise. No ads are accepted that subjugate any gender to an inferior role.
  • CM does not accept ads that are offensive to the good taste of the community.
  • CM does not accept ads that are misleading, deceptive, exaggerate or make unwarranted claims. It also does not accept ads that encourage the evasion or violation of a law, regulation or ordinance.
  • CM does not accept foreign language ads unless there is ample time to verify the message.
  • CM does not accept ads where money has to be sent to a post office box address.
  • Ads that resemble editorial material will have a border placed around them and the word “Advertisement” will be placed at the top and bottom of the ad. Identification of the sponsor(s) of a political ad is required. All such ads must be paid for at the time of placement and will carry “Paid Political Announcement.”
  • Advertisers forwarding insertion orders that contain incorrect rates or conditions are advised that the advertising called for will be inserted and charged in accordance with the guide’s rates.
  • CM assumes no financial responsibility for typos or other errors that do not distract from the advertising message.
  • If an ad runs that contains an error that is the fault of CM, it is the advertiser’s responsibility to notify the Director of Student Publications that the error occurred within ten (10) days of publication. After this period, CM is exempt from any liability.
  • The advertiser and/or the advertising agency agrees to defend and indemnify CM against any liability, loss or expense arising from the claims of libel, unfair competition, patents, violations of privacy rights, infringement of copyrights and propriety rights resulting from the publication of an ad.
  • All advertising is subject to approval or rejection. The authority in determining whether or not an ad is acceptable resides with the Marketing & Sales Director and/or the Director of Student Publications.