Jasmine Brents

Adventures Abroad with Jasmine Week 1

A University of Evansville Student Experience at Harlaxton Manor

Upon arriving, everyone was isolated to the Harlaxton Manor, until everyone got their Covid-19 test back. While in isolation we could explore the manor and the surrounding grounds. In the manor there are beautiful rooms and the iconic red telephone booth.
Everyone got sorted into houses. The houses are Gregory, Mercians, Newton, and Pegasus. I got sorted into the house of Pegasus! The first week was not just full of games it was full of learning seminars and jumping into your classes.
Isolation only lasted about five or six days, then we finally got to go into town. Going into Grantham was an adventure itself. There is a Harlaxton shuttle that takes everyone to Grantham for free. It might just be only twenty minutes away from the Manor, but it is a shopping center as soon as you get off the bus. In Grantham square, there is a statue of Isaac Newton, who was the man who invented the formulas of the three laws of motion. In Grantham I went to an amazing pasta place called Prezzo, which I would highly recommend.
Returning to Harlaxton after spending the day in Grantham I just relaxed. After all that excitement your body gets tired. First week down and fourteen more to go! If anyone as any questions about Harlaxton, I would be happy to answer them!