Adventures Abroad with Jasmine Week 3

A University of Evansville Student Experience at Harlaxton Manor

Jasmine Brents


At Lincoln, I visited the Lincoln Castle and Cathedral. The Lincoln Castle has a prison inside. I walked through the female side and then the male side. There was not a lot of differences that I noticed between them other than the female’s side had their own rooms and the male’s having to share three to a cell. Also, I learned that if a female was pregnant in prison, then gave birth, they were allowed to keep it until it was done breastfeeding. Afterwards, the child was sent to the workhouses.

Female Side
Male Side

Then, after walking through the prison side of the castle, I walked to the inmate chapel. The chapel is very different then you would of think of one today. The prisoners were in their own stoles, standing looking up at the pastor.

Next, I did the castle walk around the whole castle. During the walk, you can see where the prisoners were buried if they died in prison.

After seeing the whole castle, I went across the street to the cathedral. The cathedral is so beautiful and big. Words or pictures cannot describe its beauty.

Finally, after the beautiful castle and cathedral, I just walked around the town going into the little shops and stores till it was time to head back to the Manor.