Adventures Abroad with Jasmine Week 5

A University of Evansville Student Experience at Harlaxton Manor

Weekend Road Trip! First Stop was Oxford! At Oxford, I went on a walking tour around Oxford University. On the tour, I walked around the University and the tour guide had so much insight on the University, the town, and Harry Potter. Fun Fact! Harry Potter was filmed in Oxford at the different Universities. Harry Potter got the symbol of the lightning bolt on his forehead because when J.K. Rowling was looking for inspiration around Oxford, she looked down and she was standing on a lightning bolt shape on the ground from the old underground power sources.

After the walking ground, I visited the shops in Oxford. Then, we got back on the bus and headed to Portsmouth for the night. When arriving to Portsmouth, it was late, so I walked around the hotel and got some dinner. Next morning, I walked all over Portsmouth and saw Portsmouth Cathedral, Spinnaker Tower, and walked around the Portsmouth Museum. Portsmouth Cathedral is still used today for services and is still beautiful. Spinnaker Tower is an icon for Portsmouth. From the top you can see everything. The Portsmouth Museum was huge! On top of important buildings in Portsmouth there are golden ships because Portsmouth is known as the waterfront city.

Next day I went up to see the famous rocks…Stonehenge! This was a rainy, windy, and very cold day to see rocks. Today Stonehenge is blocked off. What I mean by that is you can’t walk up and touch the stones, but still get close enough to take pictures of it. After the few hours at Stonehenge, it was time to get back on the bus to head back at the manor for dinner.