Big Man on Campus; An Event by Zeta Tau Alpha

Maddy Webb

            On February 5th, 2022, in Eykamp Hall, the annual event BMOC or Big Man on Campus took place with the theme Through the Decades. The sorority Zeta Tau Alpha usually holds this event in October since that is Breast Cancer Awareness month. However, Zeta wanted to show that the awareness of Breast Cancer is important all year. Each contestant represents a fraternity/sorority or a club. All Greek life came together to show their support to Zeta and their event.

The event had an amazing show up with people of all ages attending to see the show! The first event of course was a hilarious and entertaining group dance by the contestants of the show. This dance involved a mash-up of songs throughout the decades while the boys wore matching shirt and jean shorts. I’ll have to say it was very entertaining!

After the showstopping dance each contestant had their own runway walk accompanied by a Zeta. The runway show was also very entertaining, and the crowd cheered on for their respective contestant.

Then the talents were next! This was definitely the showstopping part of the show. Each contestant had to have a special talent to share to the crowd. This was also to help win for the crowd favorite called Mr. Think Pink that would be announced at the end. Of course, one of the popular talents was singing and our own SGA president Alex Ortiz sang wonderfully! Another talent was playing the guitar and another contestant solved a rubix cube! There were also some more interesting talents that were unexpected. One was Jacob Moffat who was representing Phi Kappa Tau fingerpainting a wonderful picture. Tate Cundiff who was representing Lambda Chi Alpha served complimentary Texas Roadhouse Rolls to all of the judges. There was also a wonderful presentation about bread! One contestant crushed a watermelon live in front of the whole crowd. Finally, the last contestant was Ethan Brawley who did a presentation as to why pandas are evil animals and should be put into “panda jail” These talents were hilarious and amazing and made the entire crowd laugh out loud in enjoyment!

After the talents one of the judges Pat Bowman told the story of her son Matt Bowman who tragically passed away from breast cancer. His story was an inspiring one and he pushed the narrative of ensuring that even men can get breast cancer and to always be aware. Down below there is a piece by Gary Brian (WTHI-TV) that wrote about Matt Bowman and Zetainserted it in their program.

After a break, the contestants answered some very important questions that narrowed down the final winner of BMOC for 2022. The winner for BMOC 2022 was Micah Johnson who was representing Sigma Alpha Epsilon! The Mr. Think Pink winner was Andrew Pool was representing Sigma Phi Epsilon!

BMOC raised over $1379.54 in fundraising and donations with their silent auction for Breast Cancer Awareness. This event was not only entertaining, but all of the proceeds went to such an important philanthropy that is so important to many of us. Breast Cancer affects many women and men around us and Zeta Tau Alpha held such an amazing event to bring awareness about breast cancer!