Monthly HIV Testing

By Bev Rowley

During the school year, on the first Wednesday of every month, Matthew 25, a non-profit healthcare group, comes to UE to provide free and confidential HIV testing. They set up in Sampson Hall (the Student Health Center) from 9am until 11am. No appointment is needed to take advantage of this service. The test itself includes only a finger prick, and the results are available instantly.

But what is HIV?

HIV is a mostly asymptomatic virus that can be transmitted through body fluids and can lead to AIDS. Slight symptoms such a fever, fatigue, or sore-throat are common in the early weeks of the infection. HIV is curable and manageable, however if the virus progresses to AIDS, it is much harder to manage (Matthew 25).

Why should a young adult get HIV tested? Tara Ulrich (RN, BSN), an employee in the University of Evansville Health Center, explained that even if you don’t suspect that you are HIV positive, getting tested for HIV opens the door for information about other sexually transmitted diseases, and provides resources if needed. Knowledge on these issues and infections help one better equip to navigate adulthood; safely engage in some stereotypical, yet satisfying, college activities; or to help out a friend in a vulnerable position.

Matthew 25 offers numerous STD tests, information, and treatment options. The main focus of Matthew 25 is to provide care, support, services, and education to those who are HIV/AIDS positive. Started by volunteers in 1996, the organization has grown to provide services in twenty-five different counties in the area. Matthew 25 also has an office at 101 NW 1st Street (suite 215) at which they offer the free and confidential HIV testing every day. To schedule an appointment, call 812-437-5192 (Matthew 25).

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