Watermelon Bust

By. Maddy Webb

On September 16th, 2022, the fraternity Lambda Chi Alpha hosted their annual Watermelon Bust. If you have never been, then let me give you the run down! To raise money for charity, 20ish teams of five compete to smash watermelons in Olympic style events.

            This event was held on Lambdas property in their parking lot and the “pit”. They started the event with the Star-Spangled Banner and a smashing of a watermelon by tossing it out of a window down to the pit. The teams were then split into groups going to different events and then occasionally rotating. The brothers kept points to determine the final winner in

the end.

            The events were as followed. First there was tug of war on the volleyball court and in the middle was a water-filled hole of smashed watermelons. In the pit was tossing a watermelon across and smashing a watermelon off a rope with a bat after spinning who knows how many times. Don’t worry, these actions were safely done! In the parking lot there was watermelon pong. The game of pong but with watermelons of course!

In the small grassy area next to the house, the next event was watermelon baseball (you can guess how that went). Then back in the parking lot were empty bins filled with water, shaving cream, smashed watermelons, and a single ping pong ball. The goal was to compete to search for the ball in the bin. Down in the pit was watermelon basketball and finally tug of war continued on the sand court.

            There was one final activity to determine the winning team. The guys competed by passing a watermelon to each other backwards, over their heads and between their legs and smashing it at the end. Then the girls followed the same afterwards. The hard part wasn’t just making sure the pattern was followed, but these watermelons were doused in baby oil, making this activity very difficult.

In the end a team of AOII won claiming victory over all. That of course wasn’t the reason for this event. Lambda Chi Alpha raised over $500 for charity because of this event. They also had many watermelons left over to give away!

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