The Midwest Drifters

Hannah Addison

To be a source of inspiration among peers is laudable enough. To do so with style? Now that requires an artistry which must be examined. The Midwest Drifters, a collaboration of student-owned clothing businesses, works to “inspire creativity and art,” among students in the Midwest area. Consisting of Peter Sullivan, Emmett Bowman, Steven Burkhart, and Josh Wong, The Midwest Drifters are making themselves known with their 2023 spring tour, an idea that  Burkhart explains came, like all great ideas do, at 3 AM. After a successful launch of merch made by Burkhart and Bowman, with a stocked inventory selling out in just two hours, the two entrepreneurs decided to recruit a couple more to their crew and take their business off-campus.

With the addition of Sullivan and Wong, the Midwest Drifters plan to travel to Bloomington, Indianapolis, Louisville, and conclude their tour with a stop at Chicago. Their inventory will be composed of the personally designed merch made by Bowman for his business EveryBody as well as vintage pieces hand-selected by Sullivan and Wong, the former being the owner of Cardinal Vintage and the latter owning Ace Vintage. Burkhart, an independent artist, plans to energize this tour with some freestyling at each stop. This eclectic crew of four artists from different domains, hopes to make new connections as well as inspire those who are hesitant to share their own creations. Burkhart challenges all artists who have an idea for something to “lock in and chase it. Nothing is stopping you.” The Midwest Drifters are certainly allowing nothing to stop them as they prepare to stock up and head out for what they hope will be a tour of great opportunities.

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