When traveling, people have different things that they like to see and do. Different places have different things to offer, and not everyone will see the same sights in any given place. In my own travels, I’ve witnessed many different types of travelers, and even been a few different kinds myself.

            The types of travelers listed below are just a few of the common ones; there are many different types. Additionally, they aren’t exclusive. Someone could identify with multiple different travel personalities. There is overlap, and people can have a broad range of interests and goals while they’re traveling.

With all of that said, here are some of the top travel personalities I’ve experienced:


The Historian:

            This person knows the historical significance of a place before going. They frequent the museums and galleries, looking for cultural and historical significance. Luckily for them, the UK has many castles to offer for exploration into the past.


The Foodie:

            Do you smell that? It’s the signature dish or pastry that the place you’re in is known for. This traveler knows exactly what foods are must-try’s for any given location. You may end up in a nice restaurant for a warm meal, a pub for a refreshing pint, or a street market for a delicious snack!


The “Wild One”:

            Watch out around these types of travelers! They’ve got their eyes out for all the party spots. As long as you’re responsible though, they’re quite a fun companion! Night life is usual a large part of their adventures, taking advantage of all the clubs, pubs, and bars that a city has to offer. For students, this is a common type of travel to get lost in, as the drinking age in the UK is 18, compared to the higher age of 21 in the US.


The Sightseer:

            What are the most popular stops to make in the city you’re going to? That’s where these travelers will be. They’ve scoured the internet and travel books for the must-see locations. Get ready to see museums with world famous paintings, monuments standing at record heights, and everything you might see on a postcard with the caption “wish you were here”!


The “In-the-Moment”:

            These travelers are here for the memories. Usually flexible with whatever adventures their friends want to go on, they simple want to have an adventure. They crave experiences, no matter how simple or complex. You can find them anywhere, from a small, out-of-the-way coffee shop to the most famous museums and monuments. What matters most to them is the experiences they gain along the way.

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