Religion comes with a family. No matter what religious group you are affiliated with, or how far, or if you aren’t religious at all, every person on this planet has people that they consider family. The whole Earth is one family, and respect and kindness are the glue that hold all of the families together and safe. The world is a diverse place filled with many diverse opinions, both personal and political, but many tend to let the two blend together, causing many issues. Throughout time, the glue starts to fall apart. Religion has always been a touchy subject that has led to much bloodshed across history and the globe, but that’s kind of ironic right? Taking a personal belief that is good and pure and using it as an excuse for violent hate crimes isn’t very religious at all.  

            Religion is a free and personal belief that affects only oneself and shouldn’t be publicized. Instead, religion should be a place of happy congregation where people can come together to share their love and morals with others. It has been scientifically proven that people who come together for congregation tend to be happier because they are sharing their joys with others who have those same joys, creating community.

            With violence corrupting religion across the world, people have lost their sense of justice. In order for religion to thrive, and for everyone to be treated in a kind respectful manner across the globe, justice must be served to all, but not through violence. Only through respect. Justice creates equal and fair treatment for all, leaving no room for violence. Justice and religion go hand in hand, with justice being part of many religious affiliations’ morals. And yet, justice and respect have been lost across the world, not only through governments forcing rules and actions upon their people, but also through the overarching divide within the religious community.

            Whomever you worship – or whomever you look up to – would not excuse the violence that continues to occur throughout history over religion. Violence has turned religion – something of peace, respect, and happiness – into something people fear to express. Be kind to all and respect everyone’s personal beliefs because it doesn’t affect you for someone to be happy and safe within their own morals.  


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