Embrace Marketing and Communications is the University of Evansville’s student-run, for-profit marketing and communications agency. Nestled within a Changelab course, students have the opportunity to work with real-world clients around the Evansville community and beyond.

Last semester, Embrace celebrated its five-year anniversary, making it one of the longest-running Changelabs at the University of Evansville.

Embrace’s mission is to provide clients with innovative, high-quality marketing and communications services. The team strives to create a community in which everyone, from the largest corporation to the smallest non-profit, can enjoy the benefits of high-quality, affordable marketing supplied by Embrace.

Embrace prides itself in their identity as students, which allows them to directly apply the most up-to-date information and practices in the field of marketing and communication. Embrace takes information directly from the classroom to the client. Their commitment to constant innovation and improvement ensures the team is providing their personal best work for each client.

Embrace’s services include market research, website development, social media management, logo and graphic design, the development of brand guidelines, copywriting, and campaign development.

Clients Embrace has worked with include Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Indiana, Bedford Collab, Eos Psychotherapy, Martial Hearts, and more. Embrace is proud to work with such diverse cliental and values the relationships the team has built along the way.

“I have personally been able to challenge myself to reach new heights as a person and as a leader through Embrace. I feel that I am doing something with a purpose, and I am helping others, including helping the people on my team feel more confident and comfortable going into future job opportunities,” said Sadie Scovern, CEO of Embrace. “I have learned that I have a passion for leadership and that I thrive in a creative, collaborative environment, which I can now look for as I am applying to jobs this year.”

If Embrace peaks your interest, the team invites you to reach out at embracemarcomm@gmail.com.  Embrace is currently hiring new students for the summer and fall semester, so reach out today and embrace your potential!

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