In an attempt to increase the safety and efficiency of the Lloyd Expressway, the Indiana Department of Transportation has invested $150 million dollars in a four-year construction plan to change and improve the Lloyd. The Lloyd4U official website detailing the construction plan and timeline states, “This project is about Making the Lloyd Work for You.”

The construction will be done in phases, to keep as much of the expressway open at one time as possible. Phase one is expected to begin in the spring of this year, spanning from Rosenberger Avenue to Cross Pointe Boulevard. After this phase is complete, Phase Two will begin, starting at the Posey County Line and finishing at Rosenberger Avenue. 

Phase One focuses on the east side of the Lloyd and includes many different projects from west to east. Rosenberger Avenue will undergo minor intersection improvements. Four bridges will be replaced as Carpenter Creek, CSK Railroad, Tekoppel Avenue, as well as a pedestrian bridge near Tekoppel Avenue. They are modifying the interchange as Barker Avenue. St. Joseph Avenue, Wabash Avenue, and Vann Avenue will also have minor intersection improvement. The final projects listed in Phase one are Major Intersection Improvements on Stockwell Road, Burkhardt Road, and Cross Pointe Blvd.

Phase two goes west of Rosenberger Avenue, starting by replacing the pavement from the Posey County line to Wabash Avenue. Major intersection improvement will take place at Schutte Road, McDowell Road, and Red Bank Road. There will be minor interchange improvements at University Parkway and Boehne Camp Road.

It’s clear that these changes will be inconvenient for those traveling via Lloyd. To help ease the flow of traffic, Lloyd4U shared a list of ways to navigate the construction easily.

  • Signing up for text and/or email updated on the construction
  • Planning travel around peak congestion times (such as the 5:00pm rush) and using backroads and other routes to avoid using the Lloyd completely
  • Learning how to zipper merge and using the technique efficiently when passing construction
  • Stay polite and patient


Additional details as well as construction maps can be found at

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