The University of Evansville welcomed a new Division 1 program to the Aces roster this spring: Aces Esports. This team is comprised of passionate individuals who compete in teams that specialize in a variety of competitive games includingCall of Duty, Rocket League, Overwatch, Super Smash Bros., and many more.

The team has competed three times so far this season, earning a 1-2 record, which they hope to improve as team chemistry and trust continues to build. This is the first season of competition for the Esports team at the University of Evansville.

Brennan Hacker, an Overwatch 2 player on the team said, “I’ve played a lot of video games by myself, so the most challenging part is learning where I need to fit in on a team.”


“The most challenging part is the mental aspect,” said Overwatch player Kyler West. “Of course you are not going to win every game, but if you lose the first of a series of five, it’s about moving on to the next game.” 

Esports coordinator and head coach Samuel Henderson was a professional Halo and Call of Duty player before taking his current position with the Aces. He credits UE for such thorough research and investment in this team prior to his acceptance. “[They] did a super in-depth analysis of the program, which is what I was first attached (you mean attracted?)to,” said Henderson. UE’s plan for this team included a four-year overview of its goals, and it was this preparedness for the program that ultimately led to Henderson’s commitment as Head Coach.

“The best thing about being involved with Esports is being able to live life with students, provide guidance, and be their support here at the University of Evansville,” Henderson said.

The mission of the Aces Esports team is to empower individuals, create meaningful experiences, and support students through academic and professional endeavors. The full mission statement and values can be found on the Aces Esports website or linked to the team Instagram page.

The team competes in Schroeder Residence Hall, where the brand-new Esports center was built. Inside are state-of-the-art computers, functional desks, gaming chairs, display TVs, and synchronized controllable LED lights that bring the space together.

This investment provides students a space that fosters success and collaboration. “Having this environment create the environment,” said head coach Samuel Henderson. “Having this facility that we were able to build with fun LED lights, and also being able to fill it with individuals who are passionate about Esports has been wonderful.”

Just like a traditional sport, Esports is actively recruiting new members year-round. If you are interested in joining a team, you can find contact information on the University of Evansville website, or by following the Esports Instagram page.

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