On February 14th, the University of Evansville and the University of Evansville Athletic Department announced plans for a major upgrade coming to the school’s current intramural fields. The university has shown its commitment to moving forward with the completion of several renovation projects in recent years, such as the addition of New Hall and the installment of a softball turf field at Cooper Stadium, both in 2022. With the field project as its latest improvement, UE continues its devotion to campus reform. The intramural fields sit in the northwest corner of campus behind the armory building and the Charles H. Braun Stadium. The grass fields currently at the location have long been utilized only for intramural sporting events and other recreational activities, but that will change this coming fall. The 1.2 million dollar renovation will feature a brand new, full-sized turf soccer field for the use of intramural sports and the men’s and women’s soccer programs. The new turf will provide tremendous benefits for both athletes and students, as it will be available year-round for everyone and will last for around 8-10 years. The renovation was fully funded by UE’s sale of its grass field property on Division St. to Wesselman Woods back in the summer of 2023.

UE’s soccer programs have been without a full-sized training field on campus for a long time. In order to preserve the grass, the game field at Arad McCutchan Stadium is not used for training, so both the men’s and women’s teams would often train at off-campus sites; the Division St. property that was recently sold was one of those sites. UE’s Athletic Director, Dr. Kenneth “Ziggy” Siegfried, mentioned in a press release the importance of providing a new field that will improve the training experience of the soccer programs after losing the Division St. property. This project has been made possible through the collaboration of UE Athletics and the UE campus with the goal of enhancing the area for everyone. The first stages of renovation have already begun, with the current fencing around the fields having been torn down. Construction is said to finish in the fall semester of 2024, perfectly in

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