Greenwashing: Looking out for False Environmentalism

Lately, I’ve seen a lot of products labeled with “eco-friendly” or “eco-conscious” when, in reality, the products are far from it. This money-grabbing tactic tricks environmentally concerned consumers into purchasing […]

The Paranormal of Penny Lane

On the corner of Mulberry and Southeast in downtown Evansville, right across the street from the much more imposing First Presbyterian Church, sits the humble Penny Lane Coffeehouse. Constructed all […]

Behind the Faces of the Aces

What is an Ace? Uh… duh a weird guy on a deck of cards.   While this isn’t wrong, it falls quite short of what a Purple Ace is at […]

All In

The one true constant in life is, everything changes, and in less than one year, thanks to AI, everything in the world of art and design has changed drastically. I […]


Rusty | In a quiet, suburban neighborhood, nestled at the edge of a sprawling forest, there was a raccoon named Rusty who was unlike any of his kind. While […]


Kiko | Once upon a time, in a lush and vibrant jungle, there lived a curious and wise monkey named Kiko. Kiko was known far and wide for his […]