Mark Pease

LEXI WILLIAMS All are welcome to enjoy the immersive art experience displayed at the Melvin Peterson Gallery from now until December 11, 2021. Featured artist Mark Pease creates work in […]


VIEW FULL ISSUE Mesker Park Zoo Opens “More than a Bathtub” for New Humboldt Penguins Nora Ruotolo Mesker Park Zoo Opens “More than a Bathtub” for New Humboldt Penguin Millions […]

Different is Normal

While we face inequality and social justice in our country, we’re on the path toward a brighter light. Locally, we’re doing our part to make sparks at UE. Knowledge about […]

Native Americans in Women’s History

Jane Tafolla Riddick lecture Hearing or generally knowing about the involvement of Native Americans in Modern history is like getting a Spotify shuffle with a straight row of perfect hits. […]

Pieces of an Award-Winning Podcast Project

Nicole Tucker Pieces of an Award-Winning Podcast Project Declaring a math major when entering college just made sense. Despite receiving a multitude of surprised and bewildered reactions, I knew I […]

The Bigger They Are…

Jordan McQuiston Movie Review The Harder They Fall is definitely a Western for the modern age, and in keeping with the status of our modern age, it’s a lot. My […]

UE students for HEERF Grant

On March 27th, 2020 the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act was passed by Congress. Allowing students at the University of Evansville to receive a Higher Education Emergency Relief […]