The student showcase

The student showcase, displayed in the lobby of the Krannert Hall of Art and Music, is a collection of the University’s own student artwork pulled from the 2023 Fall Semester. […]

Rescuing Dogs

For some dogs, there’s nothing sweeter than an adoption story with a happy ending. Coconut, a white-haired mutt from the Henderson Humane Society, was brought in as a 2-year-old dog […]

Coffee Shops

In college, caffeine is almost a necessity. Finding the perfect coffee shop can be a little daunting though…The list below consists of 6 local Evansville coffee shops that are definitely […]

2024 Candidacy: A Brief Overview 

2024 is an election year, and for many college students, it could be their first time voting in a federal election. Politics in the United States is a touchy subject […]

A Look Inside the UE Archives

University Publications Collection This collection is dedicated to the past issues of UE’s magazines, newspapers, and yearbooks. The Crescent started out as a student newspaper and published weekly issues from […]

Become a Better Negotiator

This massive world has bottles of letters and all of them represent breakthrough ideas. Every letter has been surfaced down by a billion more letters. Our main question is: “How […]

The Stigma Of Gym Supplements

In today’s society, the gym has become increasingly popular amongst all ages. People want to look their physical best, whether for athletics, their own pleasure, or even looking good on […]